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A fiducial marker system powered by OpenCV - Supports ArUco and April



pip install zoloto


from pathlib import Path

from zoloto import MarkerDict
from zoloto.cameras import ImageFileCamera

class MyCamera(ImageFileCamera):
    marker_dict = MarkerDict.DICT_6X6_50

with MyCamera(Path("my-image.png")) as camera:
    camera.save_frame("my-annotated-image.png", annotate=True)
    print("I saved an image with {} markers in.".format(len(camera.get_visible_markers())))

More examples

Development setup

./scripts/setup.sh will create a virtual environment, and install all the required development dependencies into it.

There are some additional useful scripts to assist:

  • ./scripts/test.sh: Run the unit tests and linters

  • ./scripts/fix.sh: Automatically fix issues from black and isort

  • ./scripts/benchmark.sh: Run benchmarks (these can take a couple minutes depending on your hardware)