To perform accurate pose estimation, each camera must be calibrated. To calibrate the camera, OpenCV ships with a tool to assist.

The resulting calibration file can be passed into a

Note: Occasionally on Linux, the tool will fail to open the camera. This happens as it uses gstreamer backend by default, whereas Zoloto uses v4l2. To disable gstreamer, set the OPENCV_VIDEOIO_PRIORITY_GSTREAMER=0 environment variable.

Calibration Parameters

class zoloto.calibration.CalibrationParameters(camera_matrix, distance_coefficients, resolution)[source]

Implement iter(self).

camera_matrix: NDArray[floating]

Alias for field number 0

count(value, /)

Return number of occurrences of value.

distance_coefficients: NDArray[floating]

Alias for field number 1

index(value, start=0, stop=9223372036854775807, /)

Return first index of value.

Raises ValueError if the value is not present.

resolution: tuple[int, int]

Alias for field number 2